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Wiray Danba-Ng Canvas Art


Wiray Danba-ng Canvas Art Print – Wiray Danba-ng – “No Alive” (said of plants – green, fresh, strong). With its simplified details and organic linework stretching from either end of the canvas, this piece has a stripped-back feel with a sense of flow and movement – ideal for making a subtle statement in your space. A fully neutral palette of soft beige tones makes this versatile for any interior style.

For thousands of years, Indigenous Aboriginal Peoples have used their knowledge to protect the land. In turn, it has provided vital nourishment – plants that are green, fresh and strong.

Today, scarcity of these resources is rife, and many of the lands are dying off.

Wiray Danba-ng represents the importance of sharing Indigenous Aboriginal wisdom, nurturing Country so that these lands may thrive for future generations.

Complimenting any decor and colour theme in your home or office space, this collection boasts intensely cool palettes, from midnight blue and saltwater teal, along with warm palettes of scorched earth red, sunset orange and sandy white. Any of these pieces will be sure to bring a special Dreamtime into your favourite room.

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